Chakra Balancing – Mind, Body, Soul series

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Chakra Balancing – Mind, Body, Soul series

Total running time: 58 minutes

One CD
1 Root - Embodiment (9.46)
2 Sacral - Home of the self (9.19)
3 Solar Plexus - Inner Sun (9.46)
4 Heart - Compassion (6.41)
5 Throat - Stillness (6.06)
6 Brow - Perception (9.14)
7 Crown - Oneness (7.21)

They say: Awareness of your chakra system and learning to balance your energy can enhance the overall quality of your life. Life giving energy is distributed through seven main centres known as chakras; this translates as, wheels of life. Balanced energy flows freely from your chakras into pathways known as nadis or meridians. Free flowing energy creates balanced health. When all is well in your life energy flows with ease leaving you feeling healthy, happy and fulfilled. When things are not going so well, energy can become blocked resulting in tiredness, stress and disease. 

"This CD is specially composed to enhance the energy flowing through you. Its vibration gently aligns your subtle energy centres leaving you feeling relaxed, balanced and uplifted" - Caroline Shola Arewa