Tranquility – New Word Music

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Tranquility – New Word Music

Total running time: 42 minutes

The Tracks:
1 Tranquility One
2 Tranquility Two

Back of CD says: A gentle stream of music that floats upon one's consciousness with barely a ripple. A centred, reflective continuity is maintained throughout as the music hovers with an almost cosmic sense of tranquillity. It has a dreamlike quality, a delicate soothing music, a favourite recording for relaxation, and immersing oneself in soft sound at the end of an active day.

David Sun's music has been acclaimed internationally as being some of the most soothing and restful ever composed. Through his music, writing and painting - as well as through his photography and video production - he is dedicated to revealing to others an insight into the stillness, the deep beauty and the preciousness of life.